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Letters to the Daughter

I'll Never Have

Runner-up in the San Francisco Book Festival competition, Honorable Mention from the New York Book Festival, and a Foreword INDIES Finalist

In this collection of letters to her imaginary daughter, Ashley Brown navigates the gut-wrenching territory of making the decision to opt out of parenthood. Sometimes brutally candid, sometimes funny and heartwarming, Letters to the Daughter I’ll Never Have takes readers with Brown on the journey to reconcile her grief and relief in the choice to forgo creating a family with her husband and the experience of being a mother.


ASHLEY BROWN is officially a writer, editor, teacher, animal-mom, daughter, sister, wife, and friend. Unofficially, she is an animal welfare advocate, runner, photographer, gardener, introvert, furniture-maker,  music-lover, day-tripper, and tree-hugger. Originally from Houston, she and her husband, author Nathan Brown, live in Wimberley, Texas with their cattle dog and two cats. Editing and writing light her up, but she also enjoys being a professor for the University of Oklahoma, teaching distance-learning courses for their College of Professional and Continuing Studies.

Photo by Ashley Brown

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