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I offer a variety of editing services to help writers with interesting ideas and stories turn their manuscripts or drafts into beautiful books they are proud of.

“I have worked with many editors in the past for columns and my other two books. Hiring Ashley Brown to edit and proofread my latest book was the best decision in writing I have made. Her expertise, work ethic, and responsibility to the task are second to none. She will definitely be the first call I make when I write my next book.”

~Matthew Dowd, Author, Political Correspondent



  • Copy editing: Editing for grammar, punctuation, general correctness and clarity

  • Line editing: Copy editing with attention to style and wording

  • Developmental editing: Deep editing focused on content, structure, flow, and language

  • Rates depend on manuscript/project scope and length and range from .02/word to .05/word. Firm word/page rates provided after a discussion and sample edit. See Contact page to contact.




  • Editor for Hustle 2.0

  • Editor and writer for Wimberley Living, a lifestyle magazine for the residents of my magical hometown

  • Copy Editor for Tribeza magazine

  • Member of the Editorial Freelancers Association

  • Freelance editor for Penguin Random House, personal clients, and Mezcalita Press


Selected List of Edited Published Works:

Revelations on the River by Matthew Dowd

What I Wish I Knew About Love by Kirstie Taylor

Floating Underwater by Tracy Shawn

The Tao of Hoop by Ann Humphreys

Shaping Your Future with 6 Dimensions of Success by Duanne Redus

The Perfect Move by Alisa Klinger

Reimagining Christmas by Laura Keller-Wolff

Reimagining 2020 by Laura Keller-Wolff

The Grim Reader by Kate Carlisle

10X Guitar by Eric Stone

101 Ways to Transform Your Guitar Playing by Eric Stone

Out Past the Wires by Rod Picott

The Prosper Chronicles by Bob Wood

Murmuration by Rod Picott

Don’t Try by Jon Dee Graham and Nathan Brown

You’ve Changed by Jonathan Byrd

God in His Slippers by Rod Picott

Habits for Healthy Eating by Joe Markley

Letters to the One-Armed Poet by Nathan Brown

Honest Day’s series by Nathan Brown

Ladder to the Light by Beth Wood

Egg Shooters by Laura Childs

Agave: A Celebration of Tequila (Anthology)

Their Lives Reflected by Arielle Sara Galinsky

Ready to Get Published

“Ashley Brown is an outstanding copy editor I was very lucky to find. My memoir is an unusual mishmash of literary storytelling, philosophy, and spirituality, with a dash of self-help. I needed a copy editor who would understand and embrace my book in all its quirkiness, while keeping a gimlet eye out for inconsistencies, errors, and rough patches. Ashley was absolutely ideal for the job. She fully preserved the voice and tone of my unconventional manuscript, while noting places where I might re-think or re-word a sentence or phrase...exactly the kind of light touch/sharp eye combination I needed to bring this project to completion. Any writer will be well-served by hiring Ashley!”

~Ann Humphreys, Author, Hoopdance Instructor


"When I came to Ashley, I needed someone who could help me see what parts of my book didn’t make sense and what parts needed further elaboration. She went above and beyond in helping me with both of those with her developmental editing services. Not to mention Ashley was a pleasure to work with...great communication and timely! I’d highly recommend her services!"

~Kirstie Taylor, Author, What I Wish I Knew About Love

“Ashley Brown’s eagle eye for detail and the slightest misstep makes her an enormously valuable editor, bringing your project to a high shine.”

~Rod Picott, Author Out Past the WiresMurmurationGod in His Slippers

"Ashley edited two of my books, and I had a fantastic experience with her. She took the time to understand my voice as an author and what I wanted from an editor. Ashley's edits were exactly what I was looking for. She's meticulous, works independently, and is great with communication. Both of my books were finished before the final deadline. I will be working with Ashley again on my future projects, and I give her my highest recommendation for your editing needs."

~Eric Stone, Author 10X Guitar & 101 Ways to Improve Your Guitar Playing

“Ashley, I wanted to thank you again for the honest, direct and professional quality of your work in this editing process. I know the book is so much more than it would have been because of your help. I will be contacting you when I am ready with my next book (or possibly before for some developmental advice). It was a pleasure working with you!”

~Laura Keller-Wolff, Author Reimagining Christmas and Reimagining 2020


"Ashley Brown was the perfect editor for my book, The Prosper Chronicles. Not only did she exhibit a keen eye for copy editing (spelling, grammar, format), but also she was extremely helpful in leading me to develop conventions to facilitate consistency in a work that was, by its nature, somewhat disjointed. She made the whole work better while leaving the final voice mine. Meticulous, responsive and prompt, she was a joy to work with."

~Bob Wood, Author The Prosper Chronicles

"I hired Ashley Brown to proofread my second novel, Floating Underwater. She was professional, timely, and spot-on with her edits! Ashley even pointed out a time issue within my story that I hadn’t noticed. I will always be grateful for her thoroughness and excellent editing skills.”

~Tracy Shawn, Author Floating Underwater

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