Maybe it's my background as a high school English teacher...or the years of editing my husband's poetry books...or a basic but deep appreciation for the art of words and communication that fosters my love of editing.

I do freelance editing for Penguin Random House, personal clients, and Mezcalita Press.

I'm the editor and writer for Wimberley Living, a lifestyle magazine for the residents of my magical hometown, and the Hill Country View.

I'm a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association...

And I have years of experience helping writers hone their craft (and ensure commas are in the right place!).

  • Line editing

  • Content editing

  • Overview/Developmental editing

  • Rates depend on manuscript/project scope and length and range from .01/word to .03/word. Firm word/page rates provided after a discussion and sample edit. See Home Page to contact.












Selected List of Edited Published Works:

Reimagining Christmas by Laura Keller-Wolff

The Grim Reader by Kate Carlisle

Out Past the Wires by Rod Picott

The Prosper Chronicles by Bob Wood

Murmuration by Rod Picott

Don’t Try by Jon Dee Graham and Nathan Brown

You’ve Changed by Jonathan Byrd

God in His Slippers by Rod Picott

Letters to the One-Armed Poet by Nathan Brown

Honest Day’s series (3 books) by Nathan Brown

Ladder to the Light by Beth Wood

Orphan Poems by Jenni Finlay

Agave: A Celebration of Tequila (Anthology)

"Ashley Brown was the perfect editor for my book, The Prosper Chronicles. Not only did she exhibit a keen eye for copy editing (spelling, grammar, format), but also she was extremely helpful in leading me to develop conventions to facilitate consistency in a work that was, by its nature, somewhat disjointed. She made the whole work better while leaving the final voice mine. Meticulous, responsive and prompt, she was a joy to work with."

—Bob Wood, Author

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