I was humbled and honored for an excerpt of Letters to be included in Tiffany Yates Martin's bestselling book, Intuitive Editing, as an example of a strong beginning in a book. If you need an editor, I recommend you see if she's available. If not, call me!

Thrilled to be a Runner-Up in the Nonfiction category of the San Francisco Book Festival Awards, a 2018 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards Finalist, and to have an honorable mention from the New York Book Festival Awards!

In June, I had a wonderful time giving a reading and talk at The Jung Center in Houston and offering the Werlin Lecture at The Press Women of Texas Conference in Georgetown!

Listen to my appearance on the Badass Boss Babe podcast.

An especially interesting talk with Cyrus Webb, a man who's made the same parenting choice.

I enjoyed being a guest on Hank Garner's The Author Stories!

A write-up in The Oklahoman.

Read an article I wrote about the process of writing Letters... featured on Women Writers, Women's Books.

Listen to an interview on "It's Your Turn" here.

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Houston Book Release Party, October 25, 2018:

I had a great time bringing the book back to my home town and celebrating with family and friends!


In the letter, "My Sunshine," I write to my daughter about the first books that can become such an integral part of our childhoods and mindsets, for life even. The Velveteen Rabbit is one of the most important books in my memory. It's why my mom recently gave me the rabbit on the left, which I've named "Sandy" after her. "Rabby" was my original special rabbit, who is clearly worn thin with love. And, of course, before all that there was Goodnight Moon. The spine is taped together, having probably been opened and closed hundreds of times. These are three of my favorite things...

Sneak Peek...
07 Letters IMAGE 2.png

It was important to me to include little bits of artwork done by family members and myself in the book. These drawings are full of love and represent the things I care about. My mother-in-law, Norma Brown, is an extremely talented painter, and I'm sorry that the watercolors I included in the book don't do her talents justice. It's just hard to scan and shrink a full-size impressionistic oil painting on canvas to include in a black-and-white book. 

This is a drawing of my husband Nathan and the only "daughter" I do have, Cayenne, on a walk in the woods near our home.



Letters to the Daughter I’ll Never Have by Ashley Brown is a heart-opening wonder: a meditation on family, real life, marriage, friendship, and the bittersweet truth of a road not taken. She has beautifully and thoughtfully captured the anguish, rumination, clear-eyed hope, and grief in approaching one of the most important decisions we humans can make: to have or to not have children. Her willingness to be vulnerable is what makes these pages shimmer. This book moved me in unexpected ways. I already want to go back and read it again.

—BETH WOOD, award-winning singer-songwriter, author of Ladder to the Light and Kazoo Symphonies, winner of Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk Contest

“This book seems to be [Brown’s] calling.”

--ROBIN MACBLANE, Producer AM Ocala Live

“Every once in a while a memoir does more than speak the heart of the author, it voices the zeitgeist of the time and the shared contemplation of a culture. Letters to the Daughter I’ll Never Have offers all of us a conversation with a thoughtful friend who helps us explore the important issue of how we feel about ‘what might have been’ for ourselves, for people we know and for this generation choosing their own path forward as families. It is no wonder Ashley Brown and the book are already gaining national interest!”

--ANNE MCCRADY, Writer and Speaker,

As one who made the choice to not have children almost thirty years ago, I found not only resonance but compassion in Ashley’s celebration of all that connects us. Her letters are less about what might have been and more an invitation to look seriously at what it means to love one another, and what it means to choose to be family.

—MILTON BRASHER-CUNNINGHAM, editor for Church Publishing Inc., and author of This Must Be the Place: Reflections on Home and Keeping the Feast: Metaphors for the Meal.

"In Brown’s book, she considers a variety of issues, including how women choose to define their importance and value, creating alternative families, fears about environmental and cultural delicateness and the role domestic animals play in taming the nurturing instinct."

--KEN RAYMOND, Book Editor, The Oklahoman